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Clevera Organic California Walnuts 10 Ounces

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Either if you use walnuts as a snack or as a cooking ingredient or food additive, it probably would be the most nutritious item of your recipe. Well, in some traditional Middle Eastern recipes walnut is added instead of cooking oil. 100 grams of walnut will suffice your daily requirement for fat, healthy fat. You will get 80% of copper and 100% of manganese requirements with yummy walnuts. It is amazing in protein and amino acids as well.

About this item

  • Certified Organic Walnuts from California
  • Halve and Pisces
  • Fresh Harvest of Fall: Clever Foods only offers latest and freshest product to the market. You can taste the rich and creamy flavor of good walnut product.
  • Gluten Free: Walnuts are one of the best dietary items for people who follow a gluten free, vegan, paleo diet
  • Rich in Nutrition: Walnuts are one of the richest gems of the Earth. 100 grams of walnut can satisfy your daily body need for healthy fat, and huge part of fibre.